Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Introducing U-Pick: Summer Adventure with GSCCC!

While the situation we are in is fluid, one thing remains constant - our love for the outdoors! We know it is disappointing to have traditional resident and day camps cancelled, but we are go-getters, innovators, risk-takers and leaders that are ready for a new experience: U-Pick: Summer Adventure with GSCCC! 

Girls thrive in an all-girl, girl-led outdoor environment. They can find that environment by participating in U-Pick: Summer Adventures with GSCCC. We are confident that girls will be able to make Girl Scout memories and friends while building skills that will last a lifetime.

There are a variety of options for camp this year that will fit any schedule and allow girls to complete badge components. Girl Scouts have the option to attend camp on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or Tuesday and Thursday. Pricing will be $30 for 2 days, $50 for 3 days. Older girls including 2nd/3rd year Cadettes and up are encouraged to register and assist their sister Girl Scouts with having a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience this year with the leadership track at a cost of $20.

Once a selection has been made, girls will receive activity packs that contain materials needed to complete various projects this camp season. The items will all be related to a themed week of adventure! Girls will engage with one another and Council staff via Zoom in the morning and afternoon each day of camp. The remainder of the week, campers will be encouraged to complete their outdoor adventure activity packs and contact us if they have any questions. We are here and will ensure your Girl Scout has the best camp season no matter where she is!

Read on for details about the schedule or click here

Week 1 June 22nd – June 26th
Eco World- Make the world a better place during this week. Learn how to care for the natural world and the animal that live in it. Badge Components: Daisy – Eco Learner, Brownie – Bugs, Juniors – Animal Habitats, C-Eco Trekker

Week 2 June 29th – July 3rd
Flower Power – Discover your green thumb. Learn about the importance of gardens and pollination to the bee population. Badge Components: Daisy – Outdoor Art Maker, Brownie – Senses, Juniors – Flowers, C-Trees

Week 3 July 6th – July 10th
Sky Quest –Learn all about the sky during the day and at night during this week. Badge Components: Daisy – Space Science Explorer, Brownies – Space Science Adventurer, Juniors – Space Science Investigator, C – Space Science Researcher

Week 4 July 13th – July 17th
Outdoor Crafty Creators – Get crafty this week and learn to make art in the outdoors. Badge Components: Daisy – Outdoor Art Maker, Brownies – Outdoor Art Creator, Juniors – Outdoor Art Explorer, C- Outdoor Art Apprentice

Week 5 July 20th – July 24th
Outdoor Tech – Create a sun dial and learn how to tell what time it is based on the sun's position. You will also learn about maps and other outdoor navigation techniques. Badge Components: Daisy –Space Science Explorer, Brownie – Outdoor Adventurer, Junior -Camper, C – Primitive Camper

Week 6 July 27th – July 31st
Forest Explorers- Explore the ‘forest’ of your own outdoor space. Search for signs of wildlife or a forest fairy while learning about the natural world. Badge Components: Daisy –Eco Learner, Brownie – Eco Friend, Junior –Animal Habitats, C - Trees

Week 7 August 3rd – August 7th
Nature Spy – Learn about the environment while solving a mystery. Badge Components: Daisy –Eco Learner, Brownie – Eco Friend, Junior –Animal Habitat, C – Eco Trekker

Week 8 August 10th – 14th
Going Green – Learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle during this week. Badge Components: Daisy –Eco Learner, Brownie – Household Elf, Junior –Eco Camper, C- Eco Trekker

Week 9 August 17th – 21st
Nature Journaling – Learn the art of nature journaling and how to observe the natural world during this week. Badge Components: Daisy – Outdoor Art Maker, Brownies – Outdoor Art Creator, Juniors –Drawing, C- Outdoor Art Apprentice

U-Pick FAQ

We will host two parent meetings to answer questions on the following dates:
o May 19th 7pm Live Zoom
o June 3rd 7pm Live Zoom

When does registration open for U-Pick: Summer Adventures with GSCCC?
- Registration will open on May 13th for U-Pick: Summer Adventures with GSCCC

Can my Girl Scout attend the entire week?
- No. Daisy, Brownies, Juniors and 1st year Cadettes will be doing the same activities during both the two and three day session during the week. If you register for the two day session you will have fewer activities than the three day session. The only exception to this is 2nd/ 3rd year Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors (See: Leadership Track)

-What is the leadership track?
- 2nd/3rd year Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors will register for the entire week and will help and guide younger girls through activities for that week. They will also participate in Zoom discussions and other activities around leadership. If they register for more than one week, they may have the opportunity to design an activity for girls to complete based on the theme. If they cannot attend the whole week, they can come to the session they are available for.

How often will my Girl Scout be on Zoom?
- We are keeping it to 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon each day they are registered. There will be an optional all group activity on Fridays for an hour as well. There will also be the possibility of an ‘add –on’ partner program for an additional fee.

What does the Monday, Wednesday Friday schedule look like?

- 9am zoom to learn about how to do activities the day (w/breakout group for levels)

- 2pm zoom to share how their activities went (w/ breakout group for levels)

- Optional Friday 12:30pm – 1:30 – Talent Show or sing along or other all camp group activity

What does the Tuesday and Thursday schedule look like?

- 10:30am zoom to learn about how to do activities for the day(w/ break out groups for levels)

- 3:30pm zoom to share how their activities went (w/ break out groups for levels)

- Optional Friday 12:30pm – 1:30 – Talent Show or sing along or other all camp group activity

What does the leadership track schedule look like?

- Attend all regular schedule zooms for younger girls Monday – Friday as above

- Additional Zooms: 10:30am MWF and 2pm T/Th to discuss their leadership activities and planning for younger Girl Scouts

What if I have Girl Scouts in multiple levels attending, how will break out sessions work?

- If you have more than one girl on a screen at a time they can both attend the same breakout group regardless of their level. If you would like them to attend with their levels you can have them sign in separately.

Will there be staff on Zoom and in breakout Rooms?
- Yes there will always be adults on Zoom and in breakout rooms to monitor activity and lead discussions.

Does my Girl Scout have to attend the Friday all group session?
- No this is not required, it is an additional opportunity to any girl registered for the week to do a group activity.

Will I need to provide any supplies?
- The majority of supplies will be provided for each registered girl. We ask that you have scissors, glue/tape, crayons/colored pencils or markers and writing implements available for your girl to use to complete some activities. Everything else will be provided.

Will I need to do every activity with my Girl Scout?
- The idea is for the girls to be able to complete the activity on their own – all girls are different and some may need assistance especially your Daisy Girl Scouts. Each activity will have directions on how to complete the activity and all supplies listed (either from home or the kit provided). Staff will also walk girls through activities during the morning Zoom sessions.

What is the cost of the U-Pick: Summer Adventures with GSCCC?
- 2 Days is $30
- 3 Days $50
- Leadership Track $20

How will we get supplies for the week?
- Pickup Locations throughout the councils during a designated time (TBD)
- Mailing – You will choose this during check out for an additional $5

What will happen to the deposit or money I paid already?
- You will automatically receive refund from any money paid. If you would like your money to be transferred to U-Pick: Summer Adventures with GSCCC please contact Refunds will begin the week of May 18th.

Cookie Rewards FAQ’s

What do I do if my Girl Scout selected CAMP CREDITS?
- Keep the Credit; all credits may now be redeemed to register for a U-Pick Summer Adventure, shop at a GSCCC retail location or to pay for a GSCCC program/event.
- Choose the Reward; at each of the 3 levels a camp credit is offered there is also 1 or 2 reward options.

What do I do if my Girl Scout earned a FREE WEEK OF CAMP?
- You will receive a gift certificate for a free week of camp during the summer of 2021 or Lifetime Membership (2021 - 12th graders only).
- Rewards are non-transferrable and may not be transferred to another girl.

If I am a Troop Leader what should I do?
- Communicate with girls and their caregivers in regards to their options.
- Contact their SU Cookie Coordinator if they have already submitted final rewards and need to make changes

What if I have more questions regarding cookie rewards? - All questions should be sent to