Saturday, January 23, 2021

Bronze Award Spotlight: Bat Boxes for Chippoke's State Park

Girl Scout Juniors Meridian, Olivia, Adrianna, and Alexandria earned their Bronze Award through their project titled, “Bat Boxes for Chippoke’s State Park.” 

From left to right Meridian Parsons, Olivia Sowers, Adrianna Stephens, and Alexandria Sampson. Troop 1422

After meeting to brainstorm for a Bronze Award project idea, the girls decided they wanted to do a project that would benefit animals. After researching various organizations in need of service, the girls came across Chippokes State Park and decided on a project to provide a bat box for the bats the rangers had recently seen in the park. 

Troop 1422 worked with park rangers at Chippoke’s who provided design plans for the bat box. With the assistance and guidance of the troop leaders, the girls read the plans, marked the cut lines and learned how to set up a cut jig.  Once they were marked, the cuts were made (by an adult), the girls were then able to assemble the boxes, the posts, and paint them.  

The boxes and the posts were then delivered to the park where they will be installed. Troop 1422 has plans to go back and deliver additional bat boxes in the near future as additional boxes are made. 

Congratulations, Troop 1422!