Thursday, January 14, 2021

Silver Award Spotlight: The Great Ocean Cleanup

 Taking action involving an issue you care about- that’s the Girl Scout way! Girl Scout Senior Maureen did just that to earn her Silver Award. Maureen used her cookie proceeds from last cookie season for a community service project titled “The Great Ocean Cleanup.” She focused on an environmental issue she greatly cares about, the use of plastic and how it affects the ocean and marine life. 

Maureen chose to write a children’s book to raise awareness among the younger kids and to help them understand this complex issue. During her project, Maureen honed her writing skills, learned about editing and the ins and outs of self-publishing!

In addition to writing and publishing the book, Maureen introduced the book through Zoom workshops and did fun, virtual activities with attendees.  

 “I learned that young children really don’t know much about trash and plastic in the ocean and what it's really affecting,” Maureen said. “When I was a young girl, I didn’t know either, so it wasn’t a surprise. I realized from my project just how important it is to start communicating to children when they are young. You just have to introduce it in a way they will understand.”

 “I think overall, I was able to do what I wanted to do which was to simply bring awareness to young children,” she said. Hopefully, they can hopefully start thinking about making a difference through their actions.”

Congratulations, Maureen!

Maureen with a copy of her completed book "The Great Ocean Cleanup."

Maureen during one of her Zoom sessions