Thursday, August 19, 2021

Bronze Award Spotlight: The Outback Beautification Project

Girl Scout Junior Emmalyn wanted to beautify the entrance of The Outback and earned her Bronze Award along the way in her project titled, The Outback Beautification Project. 

Emmalyn’s project consisted of renewing part of the entrance of The Outback, the 8.5 acre nature area behind A Place for Girl in Chesapeake to give new Girl Scouts a great first impression. Emmalyn said, “I wanted to beautify The Outback, an area that is sometimes the first place new Girl Scouts see. It was the first place I saw when registering for Girl Scouts.” 

Emmalyn always enjoys looking at the small fish pond at The Outback when visiting and noticed it could use some updating. 

“The area near the pond was not as pretty as it used to be,” Emmalyn said. “It was full of weeds and needed an update. I mulched, removed debris and weeded the area. I also wanted to add a game to the area as a way girls could find a friend and meet other girls.” 

In addition to landscaping, Emmalyn assembled an outdoor tic tac toe game board and painted rocks as ladybugs and bumblebees all atop a wooden spool she refinished as an outdoor table.

Congratulations, Emmalyn!