Monday, August 9, 2021

Famous Formers Spotlight: Janet Roach

2020-2021 Famous Formers Honoree, news anchor, award winning journalist and filmmaker, Janet Roach, spent five years as a Girl Scout in the area in a troop led by her late mother. Janet said, “My favorite Girl Scout memory has to be the pride I had in watching my mom train to become a Girl Scout leader. I was moved by her commitment to make a difference for the girls who joined the troop and myself. I remember so many of my closest friends and girls whom I didn't even know well excited to be part of Troop 432.”  

Janet said forming the troop made her feel as if her family was doing something very special for her community- and indeed they were. Describing her time as Girl Scout, Janet reminisced, “We learned how to sew. We learned leadership skills. We took some fabulous field trips and more. My entire family got involved. She [Janet’s mother] showed me that life isn't about sitting back and waiting for others to step in to give their time to make a positive difference in the lives of others. That was my first impactful example of how to be a “go-getter” and a leader.” 

Janet’s passion for Girl Scouts has trickled over into her professional life as an adult, using her skills as a journalist and speaker to bring awareness to issues citizens in Hampton Roads face and to make a positive difference in their lives. She has helped support Girl Scouts by promoting events, fundraisers, and by getting involved whenever she can. 

“It has been an honor to tell the stories of my community for a few decades now,” Janet said. “Throughout my career, I've had many people thank me for a story I've done that made a difference in their lives.” 

Janet believes that girls need to build a strong foundation of leadership skills, self confidence and independence at a young age. 

She said, “Studies have shown somewhere between the ages of 9 and 12, many young girls begin to shy away from the spotlight, suffer with self esteem issues and fail to speak up for their beliefs. Girl Scouts is the perfect group to help girls set the stage for their future positive development.” 

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