Friday, August 27, 2021

Program Spotlight: Science of Happiness Badge Program

Did  you know that Girl Scout Cadettes can earn a Science of Happiness Badge? To earn the badge girls will create a month-long strategy for increasing their own happiness!

The Science of Happiness badge takes Cadettes through five steps, including “Make yourself happier” and “Get happy through others,” each with its own recommended activities. Girl Scouts can make a collage about someone meaningful to them, write a list of things that make them feel good, or create a family “bliss box” of memories and souvenirs. Girls also keep a journal about the activities and their plans for future projects.


The badge is intended to boost the girls’ awareness of the science behind happiness and psychology. The Girl Scouts hopes to teach them that they have a measure of control over their feelings and actions.

Try this activity at home for a glimpse at our Science of Happiness program!


Activity Details

There is a proven science on how you can increase self-happiness. Become both a scientist and test subject while testing two different methods that can increase your happiness. You’ll need a journal, a writing utensil and 1-14 days to reflect on what you’re grateful for or what throughout the day makes you happy.  

Activity: Count three blessings; Get a journal and write down, record video or audio what three things that you are grateful for each day over a course of 1-14 days.  What did you identify? Did identifying what your thankful for make you happy?

Stop and smell the roses; take a moment each day (over 2-14 days) and write down 3-5 things throughout your day that made you happy.  Was it your dog? Talking to your friends? Playing outside in the backyard?  

If you had fun with this activity, check out the other activities in the Science of Happiness Badge.

GSCCC also offers a virtual workshop for girls of all age levels, titled, The Science of Happiness. This online workshop and kit will includes directions and all materials needed to earn the Cadette Badge or a Science of Happiness Patch. Find details on our website’s Events page.

Learn more about girls’ mental health issues by reading Girls Speak Out About Mental Health, a study and report by the Girl Scout Research Institute, found on .