Wednesday, August 15, 2018

GSCCC has a new American Flag!

On August 15, Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association (LA FRA) donated a brand new American Flag so that GSCCC and Camp Outback campers could retire the worn American Flag that was previously displayed at A Place for Girls.

Flag ceremonies are an integral part of the Girl Scout experience. Whether the ceremony is performed for the opening and closing of meetings or to retire a worn flag, Girl Scouts know the importance of the history and protocols for a flag ceremony. With the new flag, future campers and guests at A Place for Girls will see just how much Girl Scouts respect their country.

“It’s important for the girls to see the proper disposition of the flag,” Christina Murray, the auxiliary’s national vice president and Girl Scout alum said. “The girls also should see that once the flag gets to be tattered and worn, it’s time to respectfully retire it.”

During the donation ceremony, the girls talked about the history of the American Flag, including what the colors represent. A special folding ceremony was led by Girl Scouts as they learned what each fold meant.

The group retires flags annually and invited the Girl Scouts to join them each year.

Thank you to the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Associate (LA FRA) for donating the beautiful, new American Flag!