Thursday, August 16, 2018

2018 Brick Dedication Ceremony

On August 16, guests gathered at A Place for Girls to dedicate commemorative bricks purchased by donors this year in honor of volunteers, past Council presidents, Gold Award Girl Scouts and others. Since starting in 2016, the Buy a Brick campaign has helped recognize more than 150 supporters of Girl Scouts.

Before the ceremony, several former Council presidents gathered for a luncheon hosted by current Board Chair Carolene Goodwyn-Harris where they learned about new Girl Scout badges and Council property initiatives. And like all Girl Scout alum gatherings, there was time to reconnect and share Girl Scout memories.  Among those who attended was Carolyn Abron-McCadden who served as GSCCC Board President from 1987 to 1991.  As a special gesture of Girl Scout sisterhood, Carolyn purchased a brick of honor for every past GSCCC president/chair!
“When I saw the request for the bricks, I thought about all of the women I had worked with and I thought it would be appropriate for each of us to have a brick,” she said.

Among those who donated a brick this year was Brittany Orosco, a Girl Scout volunteer and mother of Girl Scouts Brianna, a Cadette, and Isabella, a Senior. Isabella was excited to see the message on the brick.

“Empowered women empower women is what’s on the brick, along with mine and my sister’s troop number, 365,” Isabella said. “It’s everything Girl Scouts stands for.”

In addition to the past presidents, the following persons were honored with a Brick of Honor this year:
  • Beth Aberth
  • Carolyn Abron-McCadden
  • Lisa Allen
  • Kelly Brock
  • Kathryn Callahan
  • Wanda Drees
  • Phyllis Grady
  • Brandy Hamilton
  • Denis and Jessica Howorth
  • Helen Kattwinkel
  • Dan Keller
  • Joanne Kral
  • Melissa Lauster
  • Brittany Orosco
  • Kim Painter
  • Kim Rigazzi
  • George Schmidt
  • Nancy Welch

The dedication ceremony was followed by a reception and social with the Council’s Board of Directors. If you were not able to purchase a brick for someone special this year, you’ll have another chance next year!

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