Sunday, August 26, 2018

Celebrating Women's Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day is dedicated to celebrating the women who overcame obstacles and earned the right to vote through courage, determination and leadership.

Girl Scouts at Camp Outback celebrated the special day this year by learning more about the Citizen badges girls can earn. From learning to be a good neighbor to finding their voice in public policy, Girl Scouts learned firsthand just how important it is for women to be active citizens.

Girl Scout Ambassador Lily Tomlinson, a member of the GSCCC Advocacy Committee, joined campers on August 20 to share how she has been an active citizen in her community to enact change with the help of Girl Scouts. From speaking at a legislative day in Richmond to more recently meeting with Congressman Bobby Scott at his Chesapeake Town Hall meeting, Girl Scouts showed Lily that girls can be heard even though they aren’t of age to vote yet.

“Girl Scouts has helped me develop my voice and given me opportunities to share it,” she said. “The organization has developed my critical thinking skills as well as confidence when I speak to other people.”

For Lily, being an active citizen also means sharing her American pride. She recently entered an annual essay contest sponsored by the Fleet Reserve Association to promote the spirit of Americanism and patriotism among our country’s youth. Lily’s 360-word essay entry won her first place in her grade level.

The best part about the Citizen badges is that all Girl Scouts can earn one!

Learn more about the different Citizen badges by reading below.


Good Neighbor: With this brand-new badge, Daisies will explore the communities they belong to—from their roles as Daisies in Girl Scouts to their place as residents of their town. They’ll also learn how people work together to be good neighbors to one another.


Celebrating Community: Brownies who earn this badge will discover how communities celebrate their unique qualities and how supporting the people within communities can mean everything from looking for landmarks to marching in a parade. Girls will learn how their communities honor and observe their special traits as they celebrate their traditions.


Inside Government: Citizens are responsible for knowing the basics of government. To earn this badge, Juniors will go beyond the voting booth and inside government by examining laws, reporting on issues, and deciding what it means to be an active citizen.


Finding Common Ground: Cadettes will explore the challenges of finding common ground with those who have different opinions. Elected leaders often need to make compromises, so girls will investigate how negotiations happen by learning about civil debate, accommodations, mediation, and group decision making.


Behind the Ballot: Making your voice heard through voting is both a right and a responsibility, whether you’re voting for class president or our nation’s leaders. Seniors will learn about elections, investigate the ins and outs of voting, and help get out the vote.

Public Policy: Ambassadors have already learned about the need to speak up about issues important to them, but by taking the next step and exploring public policy, they’ll dive deeper into the laws and government actions surrounding specific issues. Through advocacy, learning about public policy on a local or state level, and action, Ambassadors will learn firsthand how citizens can change the world.