Tuesday, August 28, 2018

2018 Famous Formers Reception

 This year’s group of Girl Scout Famous Formers were congratulated by Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast (GSCCC) CEO Tracy Keller and GSCCC Board Chair Carolene Goodwyn-Harris, along with fellow Famous Formers who have been recognized over the years, at a special reception held at Bella Monte restaurant in Virginia Beach on August 23. 

"Girl Scout alum events such as this one are important for many reasons," GSCCC CEO Tracy Keller said. 

While addressing guests she thanked them for their support of the Girl Scout Mission and for giving the Council the opportunity to spotlight them as leaders: those who reflect all a girl can become because of the values and skills gained from Girl Scouts. She also invited them to be active alum, not only to support the Girl Scout Mission but to benefit from a strong network of women. There are more than 50 million Girl Scout alum in the nation.

According to a recent workplace report from the Lean In Foundation, women need groups of other women to help them navigate to leadership. As countless studies have documented, there are far too few women being encouraged to climb corporate ladders or take on leadership roles. This is why networking, an important component of any professional's career, is even more important when it comes to women - whether they want to climb the ladder to the C-Suite or start their own business. And what better way to do this than with women who share a passion to help others and who have similar experiences – Girl Scouts!

From left to right: Daun Sessoms Hester, Sarah Buck, Lisa Schulz,
Charity Volman, Vickie Kearn, Stephanie Adams
While not all Famous Formers are “climbing the corporate ladder,” all are leaders in their fields who continue to embrace the Girl Scout Promise and Law and want to make a difference in the world.

“Even though I did not have a chance to be a Girl Scout growing up, I am making up for it as an adult,” Carolene Goodwyn-Harris said as she addressed the group. “I envy you. You had that opportunity to thrive and grow as a Girl Scout. I congratulate each and every one of you on receiving this honor and I invite you to help us – to support us – as we reach out to more girls and give them the same opportunity you had as a girl. You can be the role models girls need to be the women leaders they are meant to be in life. You are leaving your Girl Scout footprint behind, a legacy that is so important.”

The women will gather again at the Girl Scout Famous Formers Luncheon that is scheduled to take place at Hilton Norfolk The Main on November 29. There, they will be honored with recognitions and here from a special guest speaker. Click here to read the full list of current and previous Famous Formers.