Thursday, August 9, 2018

Girl Scout Ambassador Ann has earned her Gold Award

Ann Staskin has earned the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor and achievement a girl can earn in Girl Scouts. Ann Staskin is a rising junior at Frank W. Cox High School.
 For her project, “Improving the Community Fair Games,” Ann helped out her church’s annual community fair. Making sure games were safe to play and were staffed properly was important to Ann, so, she assisted in the repair of games and also helped the fair committee organize and recruit volunteers. She reached out to family members, school volunteer groups and various youth classes at her church to gather volunteers.
With the help of friends, family and volunteers, Ann was able to bring awareness to the unsafe games at the fair and help repair them so the event could run better. This project allowed the church to have more games and increase volunteer participation.
From this Gold Award project, Ann learned a lot about herself and how to help her community.
“Over the course of this project, I developed communication skills. I am more comfortable talking to adults and I have learned how to effectively communicate with my peers and superiors,” she said.
While working on her project, Ann was able to navigate her way over obstacles with ease.
“A major obstacle I had to overcome was time. I was very rushed but I overcame it by persisting and giving up most of my free time to make sure my project was completed on time,” Ann said.
In the future, Ann’s project will be sustained by volunteers for the church using all of the improved games that she helped fix as well as the guidelines she used when organizing volunteers to work at the fair.