Saturday, August 1, 2020

Building Legacies, One Brick at a Time

On July 23 at A Place For Girls, many were honored with a permanent memorial that will pave the way for many more generations.

The Honor Brick Ceremony has occurred annually since 2016 and has always commemorated those involved in the Girl Scout Community in a permanent and prominent way. Not only does this campaign honor outstanding members of the Girl Scout community, but it is also a way to raise money for the Council in order to fund more opportunities for the Girls. Once the bricks are purchased, they are personalized and laid around the flagpole in the trefoil platform at the council’s headquarters. This year, the ceremony was a little different. Everyone in attendance was required to wear a mask and encouraged to social distance from those not in their families. There were fewer attendees than in previous years due to the current events and effects of COVID-19. Despite this, however, some outstanding stories were presented.

        Francis Carr with former Troop 435 members      Francis Carr with her husband Bill                                                                     

Having begun her story in Girl Scouts as a leader when her daughter joined, Frances Carr’s nostalgia led her to commemorate Troop 435 and all their adventures with a memorial brick. This brick is also meant to honor those in Frances’s troop who earned the Gold Award in 1979, the Golden Circle (pilot program) at that time, which is the highest award for a Girl Scout. She decided to make these memories permanent in this way since “Girl Scouting was a large part of [their] lives.”

                                    Bonnie Rose with mother (left) and daughter Becca (right)                                                                                                     
Also among the honorees this year, was Bonnie Rose. She started Troop 229 eleven years ago, watching her troop grow from first graders to now graduating seniors. Bonnie was happy to lead these girls in her footsteps, especially Becca, a member of the troop and daughter of Bonnie, who is a fifth-generation Girl Scout. Becca and her troopmates want to memorialize Bonnie’s contributions to the community in a “big and permanent” way.

Tracy Keller, CEO at GSCCC

John Morgan, former Property Director at GSCCC   

John Morgan was also honored by the Girl Scout Council of the Colonial Coast. John was the Property Director at GSCCC until his retirement last month. Since he helped start the Honor Brick tradition, as well as install staple amenities, such as the swimming pools, the Council believes he deserves to be honored this way. “It’s nice to be remembered that way at the Girl Scouts,” John Morgan.

“He was a part of this idea to help tell girls’ stories, so it felt like a perfect fit,” Tracy Keller.

Those interested in supporting GSCCC or honoring a legacy by purchasing a Brick of Honor may contact for more information.

Post written by Lakelyn Woodcook (GSCCC intern)