Monday, August 31, 2020

Silver Award Spotlight: Chemo Kits

Girl Scout Cadettes Lily and Amelie took initiative to help out in a really meaningful way by creating "Chemo Kits" for children in the hospital who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Chemotherapy is often painful or uncomfortable, and children go through it all the time. These Girl Scouts decided to help make their experience a little more comfortable and show their support in a way they knew how.

In order to start working on the Chemo Care Kits, Lily and Amelie researched prices on many items and created a budget. Once they knew what they wanted to include, and how they could do it, they reached out to Love Your Melon, a non-profit whose mission is solely to accommodate those with cancer, mainly those undergoing Chemo. They happily sent over beanies to include in each kit. The girls constructed two kits per category. These are the categories they worked within and what they included for each kit:


all received: Love Your Melon beanie, port pillow

in addition,

girls and boys aged 1-4: teddy bear, baby blanket, baby book, cozy socks

girls and boys aged 5-10: coloring book & crayons, cozy socks, lemon drops

boys aged 11+: water bottle, lemon drops, cozy socks, earbuds

girls aged 11+: Pura Vida bracelet, lemon drops, cozy socks, earbuds


Through this experience, they learned skills in budgeting, teamwork, leadership, careful sanitization (due to COVID and the kids being immunocompromised), and community networking. Because of these girls, these kids will have a much better experience during something that can be super scary. 

Thank you, Lily and Amelie!