Monday, August 31, 2020

Gold Award Spotlight: Writing Right

Advocating for those who need a voice and bringing awareness to things we all can do to help is part of the Girl Scout way. Girl Scout Ambassador Cassandra earned the Gold Award in her project, Writing Right by doing those two things! 

Cassandra worked with a licensed occupational therapist to write a children’s book, Writing Right, aimed to help students with dysgraphia, a learning disability that affects fine motor skills like writing, cope.

The main character of Cassandra’s book, Writing Right, is a third grader Noah, who has dysgraphia. Cassandra shares experiences of Noah as he goes through school and faces various challenges that other kids might not be aware of.

She hopes that her book will spread awareness of dysgraphia to readers by getting to know Noah as a person and a friend. Cassandra’s book was designed to help others, especially kids, understand more about this lesser-known disability and help those affected through resources at the end of the book.

Cassandra was able to donate 40 copies of her book to local schools and public libraries. In addition, Cassandra’s book was published and offered online at cost for a print version or free on Kindle.

Visit for more information or to purchase or download a copy.