Sunday, August 30, 2020

Silver Award Spotlight: A Study of Female Composers

 Are you a Girl Scout Junior who loves music? Maybe you are a Girl Scout Cadette thinking about earning the Girl Scout Silver Award who needs to see a project in action. No matter what your Girl Scout grade level or role in Girl Scouts, you'll love learning about one of our Girl Scout stars! 

Meet Girl Scout Cadette Elsa who is a musician who earned her Girl Scout Silver Award with a project titled,
 A Study of Female Composers. Hear from Elsa, listen to her music and be inspired! 
We've included a YouTube link for you to listen to Elsa's amazing talent as a performer, but before you do take time to read an interview done with Elsa to learn a bit more about this amazing Girl Scout. 

How long have you been a Girl Scout?

I have been a Girl Scout for 9 years!


What inspired you to dedicate your project to female composers?

I knew I wanted to create a project that I was passionate about. I have played the violin for almost eleven years, and I’ve always loved music. I’ve always noticed a lack of music written by female composers, and I knew this project would give me the opportunity to share fascinating pieces that most people haven’t heard of with many different people.

How did you have to adapt in creating and presenting your project due to current circumstances caused pandemic restrictions?

The presentation of this project was originally going to be presented in late March at the Chrysler Museum. Unfortunately, everything shut down the week before my performance.  Once we knew the shutdowns were going to last for a long time, I decided to record my pieces instead of doing a live performance. I actually recorded with my accompanist in person, which is  why I have a mask on in all of my piece recordings.  

What are you looking forward to this Girl Scout year?

I’m looking forward to completing a Girl Scout Journey, and starting to work on my Gold Award Project!

How have you enjoyed being a Media Girl with Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast and how do you get ready to perform as a Media Girl and a musician for on-camera time?

Being a Media Girl with the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast has been a wonderful experience. I’ve had the opportunity to talk on local news and radio and it’s definitely helped me a lot with my public speaking abilities. Performing has always been one of my favorite things to do, and preparation for different kinds of performances will vary. I make sure before I do music performances that I’m comfortable with the pieces that I’m playing, and make sure to have plenty of practice time every day before the performance. If I’m self taping my performance, I’ll check and make sure that I’m in the frame of the camera, and I’ll generally play each piece once without recording so that I feel comfortable.

Link to view Elsa's performance