Sunday, June 27, 2021

Bronze Award Spotlight: Helping the Puppies

 Girl Scout Junior Peyton of Troop 256 recently earned her Bronze award in her project she titled, “Helping the Puppies,” by helping families with pets in need of vet care. Peyton learned about the high costs associated with taking family pets to the vet and learned a simple but impactful way she could make a difference!

She collected empty medicine bottles from the community with plans to donate them to the Virginia Beach SPCA and the Portsmouth Humane Society for family pets who visit to receive care. 

Peyton said, “The empty bottles help families who need to purchase medicine for their animals. The family would only need to pay for the cost of the medication instead of medication and medicine bottles.” 

Peyton made flyers to hand out to her neighborhood and at her mom and dad’s offices to promote her plans and to allow the community time to plan their donations. Peyton set out collection bins on her front porch and at her parent's offices and allowed donations from the community to come in. After the collection was complete, Peyton thoroughly cleaned all the medicine bottles and donated them to the two locations.

Congratulations, Peyton! Thank you for making the world a better place.