Monday, June 7, 2021

Top Ten Cookie CEOs "Saddle Up" for Horseback Adventure

Girl Scouts who were the Top Ten Cookie Entrepreneurs from the 2021 Cookie Program season were treated to a special outdoor afternoon of fun this past Saturday, June 5, 2021! The event, hosted by GSCCC at RRR Ranch in Chesapeake, VA included lots of fun for our top cookie CEOs like horseback trail rides, a barn tour and holding 3 week old piggies! GSCCC CEO Tracy Keller and other team members joined the ten Girl Scouts to help celebrate the outstanding successes of our cookie CEOs Girl Scout style.

Each girl arrived and was given horse riding tutorials from staff at the ranch. Once comfortable and acquainted with their new equestrian friends, everyone “saddled-up” and headed out for a group trail ride through the forested property.

After the trail ride, the Girl Scouts were given a tour of the horse stables, shown how to care for horse hooves, and daily feeding routines. Following, the girls were able to meet and greet with goats, baby pigs, mini horses and more!

Everyone received a certificate and special Girl Scout patch of achievement personally from CEO Tracy Keller.

One of the hallmarks of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is our Girl Scout Cookie Program. Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, our girls learn important skills and gain confidence and earn the foundation for a lifetime of success! During a pandemic, our girls came up with innovative ways to connect with customers and we applaud all the girls who participated.

A special congratulations to our Top Ten cookie sellers! These ten girls sold over 42,000 boxes of cookies combined and we are proud to celebrate their accomplishments!