Thursday, June 17, 2021

Volunteer Spotlight: Full Time Commander, Full Time Girl Scout Dad

Girl Scouts is a great place for girls and dads to build relationships. We’d like to introduce you to Commander (CDR) Christopher Moran who helps lead a troop and has a daughter in Girl Scouts. He’s been a volunteer for a year and is doing an amazing job bringing new activities to the girls in the troop.

We did a Q&A with CDR and Girl Scout dad, Christopher Moran, and here are his responses:

Why did you decide to volunteer?

"I decided to volunteer because there was a need to help with the Brownies and I saw a good chance to spend time with my daughters. Girl Scouting has helped my daughter see me in a different way. She sees me as a leader and teacher and we’ve been able to bond over activities.  I think she enjoys seeing me lead the Brownie meetings." 

What is one of the activities that stands out this year?

"The Brownies from Troop 396 decided to work on the outdoor journey which was a lot of fun. We were able to get in the field instruction and practice at first aid, learn about, plan, and participate in a hike, and learn about camping. We are really looking forward to being able to do overnight camping again so that we can complete the journey."

We also asked, why do you think Girl Scouts is important for girls today?

"I think Girl Scouts offers an environment for girls to find out who they are and what they like and to develop their leadership skills.  I think fostering leadership in today’s young girls and giving the space for girls to figure out who they are is incredibly important.  And I love that Girl Scouts offers the chance for the girls to pursue their interests. Our job as volunteers is to guide them as they plan out their own path."

So, what's the secret to your troop’s success?

"The involvement and interest of the parents is what makes our troop successful.  Leading a trip is a team effort and is not possible with the support of all of the parents and volunteers. In honor of Father’s Day I think it’s important to thank all of the fathers that are active in our troop. We have several active fathers who routinely bring their daughters and stay when needed.  It’s great to see so many men interested in developing the leadership and independence of their daughters."