Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Silver Award Spotlight: Creating an Oyster Reef

 Girl Scout Cadette Bermuda of Troop 505 earned her Silver Award this Spring by completing her project, “Creating an Oyster Reef.” Bermuda worked with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Virginia Marine Resource commission to create a 70 square foot oyster habitat in the West Branch area of the Elizabeth River. After obtaining the appropriate permissions and permits, Bermuda worked with a team of volunteers from the organizations and her troop to assemble donated and recycled materials into concrete oyster habitats.

Oyster growth around her structures will continue to be monitored semi-annually to ensure the health and longevity of the habitat. Oysters are an integral part of the Tidewater's ecosystem and declining populations threaten bay health and the existence of other species. Congratulations to Bermuda for taking a step to protect our planet, ultimately making the world a better place!