Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: Raining with Care Project

Girl Scout Ambassador Virginia recently earned the Gold Award by completing her project titled, “Raining with Care Project.” Virginia worked with Charlie Morse of Williamsburg Community Growers to understand the needs of an existing garden maintained by the organization in Williamsburg and its volunteers and organized plans to make an addition.

The garden is divided into several sections including a bee keeping garden, a teaching garden, a berry patch, family maintained plots, and a green house with community education and sustainment as the focus of all sections. Virginia designed a gardenscape that uses rainwater collection and pipes to encourage irrigation as a main component of its design. She also made a kiosk to educate visitors about the possibilities of irrigation, explain the design, and how rainwater collection can be used to improve a garden’s sustainability.

“I think it is especially important to aid our community through the conservation of resources,” Virginia said. “This is how we will be able to have enough to provide for the community and its later generations.”

Following the completion of her garden, she created a virtual “field trip” video tour of the garden for local elementary school students that could be shared with parents or in a class setting.

Congratulations, Virginia!