Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: Self Love Spread Love Curriculum

Girl Scout Ambassador Veronica recently earned the Gold Award for completing a project she titled, “Self Love Spread Love Curriculum.” 

Through research, Veronica found that teens are faced with many stresses but often lack the skills and education needed to cope in healthy ways. She found the most common causes of low self-esteem and stress for children 11-14 and developed a plan to make a difference by spreading education in the form of a middle school curriculum hosted online for easy accessibility.

“I researched what causes low self-esteem in teens and the topics I felt I could conquer were negative self-talk patterns, toxic friendships, comparison, and setting unrealistic goals,” she said. “Learning about these topics and understanding ways they can boost their own self-esteem will help teens be more resilient when facing challenges.”

On her website, she created a 45-minute lesson plan for each of the five segments that can be done in a class setting or at home with an accompanying video. Veronica’s website is available free to families here- https://bit.ly/3osAyUY

Congratulations, Veronica!