Thursday, November 4, 2021

Gold Award Spotlight: Spreading Happiness Through Art

Girl Scout Ambassador Hannah recently earned her Gold Award  by completing a project she titled, “Spreading Happiness Through Art.” Hannah created a wall mural for the youth program building at First Presbyterian Church of Virginia Beach with the goal of spreading joy to all of those who see it.

The mural reads, “Love Your Neighbor,” and Hannah hopes the mural will serve as a friendly reminder to the youth at her church of the importance of kindness. She also hosted “kindness rock” painting sessions at her church where children from the congregation learned about art therapy and the difference they can make by being kind to the world around them.

“The kids all learned the importance of checking up on their friends,” Hannah said. “They learned the importance of decompressing by doing something you are passionate about and they each left the workshop with kindness rocks to give to a loved one.”

The mural will live on at  First Presbyterian Church of Virginia Beach and Hannah has provided informational note cards near the mural for those interested in learning more.