Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Gold Award Project in Progress: R.E.A.D

Girl Scout Ambassador Jasmine has a busy schedule these days as she finishes up her last year in high school and last year as a girl member in Girl Scouts. She had done so much already, serving as a council delegate, a cookie captain, and a media girl. Last year, she received the highest Council award a girl may be given, the Buck Harris Award. She is now working on her Girl Scout Gold Award and plans to complete it before spring. Her project, R.E.A.D. ( red-defining, environmental, attitude, development),  has many elements to it, including a public engagement component. This fall, she hosted an event where she recruited the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Williamsburg Regional Library, the colonial soil and Water Conservation group and the Green Club at Williamsburg Classical Academy – a club she started as her Girl Scout Silver Award project. The event brought information on how to re-purpose books, what happens to trash, such as books thorn away, and had a hands-on activity to help educate on oil spills.
Since science is one of her favorite subjects, and why she decided to “go green” with her Gold project, Jasmine has also signed up for STEM Club events that are being offered by the Council. 
“At the STEM program, we assembled robots from items supplied to us,” she said. “ Through this activity, girls learned how to follow directions, connect wires, use tools such as screwdrivers and wire cutters. If the robot didn’t function based on plans, we would troubleshoot and make improvements. This was a really good program where I was able to get more time building mechanical skills.”  
Way to go Jasmine! You know what they say about busy people, want to get something done, ask a person who is already busy!